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Catalonia is an autonomous region of Spain who for the past couple of years is most famous for wanting to leave Spain and proclaim independence. That however isn’t what Aventura Emporda is about, no. This website is an unofficial tourism and travel blog of Emporda, a region within Catalonia. Emporda is located in the northeast of Catalonia, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. When thinking about vacationing in Catalonia, many peoples minds go straight to Barcelona. We’re here to change that and show that visiting our little province also has its advantages. From restaurants and cultural exhibits for the adults, to pristine nature, active night life and modern fun activities like paintball and race drone competitions for the young. Emporda has plenty to offer, and the best part is, since we are often overlooked by people, we’re not as tightly packed during the season like Barcelona is, to the point that we need to restrict the number of visitors that we are getting. My god, look at the long winded introduction, let’s get on with it.

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Let’s dig in and have a look at 6 reasons that I think are excellent motivation to come and visit Emporda. There are of course lots of other things that I could have mentioned, specific things that I enjoy doing like hot air balloon rides and video recording from air, or if you can’t afford a hot air balloon ride, you can used a cheap video drone instead. Lot’s of things that can be done, and we will cover them all in future posts on the blog. For now, let’s stick to the basics.

  • Pristine nature & beaches

Emporda is lucky enough to have both stunning hinterland nature sights, and also sandy beaches at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Now I personally prefer a walk in the woods, especially during the summer. I enjoy the fauna and on the plus side, during the summer, woods are usually much more cooler than being on the beach. Still if you want to enjoy on the beach, you can do that as well, since it’s not that far off from anywhere in Emporda.

  • Friendly people & cozy places

Communities in Emporda are very tight knit and friendly. Emporda mostly consists of small villages that are all spread out across the land. Traveling around is fun because you always end up discovering a nice and cozy place to enjoy. I’m a native of Emporda and even I’m sometimes surprised at what kind of great places I discover on my travels. People will always help out if you end up lost, or if you have any kind of problems. That’s Emporda for you.

  • Fun activities for everyone

I already talked about some of the fun activities that you can do in Emporda. Everything from sunbathing at the beach, to hiking in the back-country. I personally enjoy air photography. It’s just something that allows me to really capture the beauty of a certain area. Here’s a shot I took from the air with my new photography drone. My kids love it when we take up a hot air balloon ride to the skies, because that way they too can enjoy the view. There’s something for everyone.

  • Rich history & castles, lots of castles

Like most of Europe, Emporda has a lot of history to get to know. History buffs will love discovering architecture from the Roman period and let not forget about castles. Emporda is riddled with ancient castles that will leave people breathless. Some of them have even been converted into modern hotels that you can actually stay in, or even organize events. For example, Hotel Castell in La Bisbal comes to mind.

  • Wineries, wine roads and wine

Another fun way to get familiar with an area is to take a tour of their wine roads. It’s fun not just because you get to travel, see cool new places, but also because in the process you end up enjoy in lot of great wine and food. They might not be a world famous as French vineyards are, but Emporda wine cellars have some amazingly good wines and I highly recommend that you check them out.

  • Hot air balloon rides are a lot of fun

it might seem that singling out balloon rides, next to everything that I’ve mentioned up until now, might seem a bit dumb, but this is something that I really enjoy doing, and I can’t help not make a special note about it. My kid really likes it, and he said that I have to mention it specifically. It’s not just about Emporda. Wherever you go for a vacation, consider taking a hot air balloon ride. They are usually cheap and offer great view.

  • What we're all about

LOCATIONS – there are three main areas of interest that I’m going to be covering here on Aventura Emporda. First of them is going to be locations that are worth visiting in Emporda. Seeing how I’ve already been up and down Emporda, travelled it quite a bit, I thought it would be a good idea to give people advice and tips on all the great less known places that they can visit in Emporda. I like nothing more than discovering hidden gems like these because they don’t usually have a lot of guests during the season. Sharing them with the world will sort of ruin that, but I want to share them with you, my readers.

TOURS – tour is a great way how to enjoy in and find out everything that a particular region, like Emporda for example, has to offer. There are many different types of tours, from bout tours, hiking, camping, biking, you name it. Each one of them has its advantages and I’m going to talk about them here on the website. I especially like go on bike tours, since you get to exercise, meet people and of course explore nature, places, events along the road that you travel. I’m actually going to school to be a tour guide, so reading up on tours, what kind of exist, what they have to offer, also helps me out with my studies.

ACTIVITIES – having fun is basically what vacations are all about. Each of us have different definitions of what fun is. For some it’s fun to grab a book and read it next to the pool. Others might enjoy in visiting a museum, or maybe visiting local festivals, mingling with people, learning about the culture. More adventures might be looking for something like river rafting or kayaking. That’s where the “Activities” category comes into play. Here I’ll be covering on all the fun stuff that you can do in Emporda.