Author: Erica Marquez

Drink great wine and have fun in Emporda by visiting Empordalia vineyards

Empordalia is a vineyard that I frequently visit, as it is located close to Girona, the town where I live. They are actually a cooperative. Just like the Castell d’Emporda that I recently talked about here on the Aventura Emporda, Empordalia has also managed to combine the past and the present not just in their […]

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See Emporda from the air by taking a hot air balloon ride

If you read this website on a regular basis probably know that I’m a huge fan of hot air balloon rides. I’m not sure just what it is that’s so appealing about them to me, but I enjoy nothing more than jumping in a basket with my friend and just drifting in the air for […]

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Discover beauty of Emporda with Bike Spain Tours

Cycling is good for you for a number of reasons. First it’s a great way to get some exercise, get into shape, and improve your health. Second, you get out of the house, you inevitably meet new people and maybe even fall in love, 🙂 . If you are on vacation, cycling can also be […]

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Experience Emporda by vacationing in an medieval hotel

I have already mentioned this as one of the great things about living in Emporda, but this region, as is true for practically whole of Europe, is riddled with lots of ancient castles. Lots of these castles are privately owned and inaccessible to the public, or they are accessible, but more like museums. Castell d’Emporda, […]

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