Experience Emporda by vacationing in an medieval hotel


I have already mentioned this as one of the great things about living in Emporda, but this region, as is true for practically whole of Europe, is riddled with lots of ancient castles. Lots of these castles are privately owned and inaccessible to the public, or they are accessible, but more like museums. Castell d’Emporda, which is located halfway between Barcelona and the French border. Hotel is very close to Costa Brava beach, so you can go for a swim in the Mediterranean if you want.

Experience Emporda by vacationing in an medieval hotel

Even though you can basically leave the castle and go to the beach, if you are anything like me, you’d much rather stay in the castle. The reason why I’m saying that is because the one weekend that managed to stay there I just wondered in and around the castle, trying to soak it all in.

Owners of the hotel did an excellent job of mixing modern with the old. For example, you do still get modern design, but there are exibits from the castle past, like soldier uniforms, artwork, all alongside the castle walls for you to enjoy. Basically think of Castell d’Emporda as a sort of museum that you can stay in and still have all the advantages of a hotel, like a room, a bar, a restaurant. Check their official website if you want to learn more about this amazing place. Definitly come and visit if you happen to find yourself in Emporda.

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