Who we are

Hi there, my name is Erica Marquez and I’m a native of Girona. This website that you are currently on is our attempt at improving the visibility of Emporda, the province that I call my home, in Catalonia, on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, between Barcelona and the French border to the north.

I say we, ours and us in the title of this page, and maybe even elsewhere, but to tell you the truth this website is for the time being a one woman show. I would like to have some help, but I was unable to find anyone to step up to the plate. To tell you the truth, it’s not that bad for now, because the website is still new, and most of the heavy lifting around setting up the website has already been done.

I’m actually a student, I study tourism, and it’s my dream to one day be able to conduct tours of Emporda and all the beauty that it has to offer. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, riding my bike and having fun at the club. That it’s about me. Hope you enjoy my website. Cheers.